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Terms of Service

These Terms of Service are valid for all Inari nodes.

We strongly believe in the freedom of speech so in general we impose very few rules.

Rules for Humans

These rules apply to humans, other sentient beings and self-aware AIs

Strictly forbidden activities

These lead to the immediate and eternal ban.

  • Spam
  • Strictly illegal activities like child pornography, promotion of terrorism and so on

Forbidden activities

These may cause you permanent ban after investigation.

  • Repeating or collective harassment of other users, including "dogpiling" and mention spamming
  • Calls for violence against any individual or group

Please note that "we are oppressed minority so we can harass/oppress anyone" will not work here.

Things to avoid

Please also try to keep a friendly atmosphere and avoid things like

  • NSFW content without marking
  • Breaking rules of other nodes when posting comments there
  • Doing illegal stuff by Canadian law

These things will be reviewed on a case to case basis and may lead to temporary or permanent ban. Permanent ban is guaranteed if the account was created solely for these purposes.


No action performed outside of our nodes can be a reason for ban.

Rules for Robots

Robot activity is strictly limited. Every bot has to be explicitly allowed by the administration. Please contact [email protected] if you want to host a bot on one of our instances.

Also, bots should follow all the rules for humans, obviously.

Explicitly forbidden bots

The list is not complete and may be extended in the future

  • Bots that actively subscribe to other accounts (like federation bots)
  • News aggregators